FOScore was founded in January 2007 by Tom Potts, and is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

After over 15 years working in corporate and government computing, Tom decided to extend his services to include homes and small businesses, where personalized service is often lacking. With the help of a few part-time associates, Tom ensures that every customer is 100% satisfied with every service provided.

At FOScore, your problems become ours. Computers are very versatile and powerful machines, but they can be needlessly complicated. Some companies add to the complication by trying to sell you yet another piece of software to learn. We don't do that. We sell solutions, not software.

FOScore is short for Free Open Source Core. We use Open Source software for all our internal needs. We also recommend it for all our clients. Why? Because it is more secure, more powerful, and less expensive than commercial software. Actually, it's free! We do not charge for software unless we custom build it for you.

Many personal computers still run Microsoft Windows or the MacOS, and we fully support those systems as well. In fact, we support all software, open source or commercial. If you already have an investment in commercial software which you want to leverage, we can integrate it into a solution for you. We just believe open source is a better solution most of the time.

So contact us for a free estimate. You've got nothing to lose but your problem!